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why i love josh frank [25 Nov 2005|01:39am]

1. obviously his kneecaps are by far superior to those of any other male specimen to date
2. he has this charm abuot him that makes people feel good about themselves when they've been feeling really down on themselves, but they are suddenly struck with a feeling of sorrow towards him.
3. even though i never met him, or heard of him, reading these posts suddenly make me feel closer to him than i ever have with any of my previous friends.
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alright so after a long break the joshinator expierence has started practiceing again with a completly new musical diection. in the old days the music was called WHISTLECORE however these days whistles are still featured they are not the main focus. many diffrent musical instruments and sources of noise are being featured.

we may be recording sometime after christmas so start prepairing for that. so far there are no shows planed, if any do come up the new sound will not be presented but the whistlecore style will be the main focus, we are not ready to reveal the new style just yet. if recording does happen expect to be surprised at the new sound of things.
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i was thumbing through my pictures... [23 Sep 2004|05:08pm]

[ mood | alright ]

i love joshie<3

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[22 Sep 2004|10:14pm]

josh frank called me last night, just to tell me that he would call me sometimes. now he has my phone number. :). and hopefully he'll use&abuse it.


just thought i'd brag a little.
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josh frank [17 Sep 2004|05:14pm]


3 reasons i love  josh frank

1. he has a hookah

2. he just dosent go to school anymore

3. and because he`s adorable

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why I love josh frank [17 Sep 2004|04:46pm]

1. he is the only one i can rely on to tell me gross things. 2. he taught me all the secrets on how to fight big bitches. 3...why the fuck not
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Why I love Josh Frank [17 Sep 2004|09:33am]

1. His last name could mysteriously be a first name.

2. Keely Green and him are BFF.

3. Even though I don't know him, he's obviously cool.
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i love josh frank [16 Sep 2004|10:28pm]

[ mood | loved by josh frank ]

3 reasons why i love josh frank...

1.) he is byfar the nicest boy ever.

2.) he knows how to make a girl smile.

3.) hes brutally honest.


Josh Frank I Love You!

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i love josh frank!!!!!!!!!!! [16 Sep 2004|09:42pm]

1) the classy level is insane
2) his couch
3) he calls me his koolaid :)

so im excited that theres now a community for the fans...
i <3 josh
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